World Industries has a new owner

Randy Colvin World DeckTransworld is reporting that i.e. distribution is the proud new owners of the now “toy” skateboard brand. World Industries was once a power brand owned by skate legends Steve Rocco and Rodney Mullen. If my memory serves me correctly, World has had 3 corporate owners not including Dwindle Dist. (Swander Pace Capital, Kubic Marketing and Globe International). Now they find themselves in Big Box Retail stores and with a new owner.

John Dickinson, president of i.e. distribution, stated:

“We are excited to now own and operate World Industries, a brand with a rich heritage in the action sports market. Having worked with Globe over the past five years in developing the World Industries’ brand strategies, it is good to have i.e. distribution continue implementing these strategies. We believe with a sole focus on the Brand and proven by what we have accomplished with the footwear in North America, World Industries has tremendous growth potential.”

Read more about the history of World Industries here.

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