Roll your own skateboard company

Boardpusher Skateboard Decks

I think it’s pretty cool when you take a concept from the “main stream” and apply it to a niche market such as skateboarding. However, not as niche as it once was, with XGames and the like putting skateboarding in front of people that normally wouldn’t be exposed to it. Skateboarding is a billion dollar industry just on the hard goods side of the business, so there certainly is room for a company like Boardpusher is company that enables you to add your own design to your skate deck. Additionally, in the spirit of Cafepress, Boardpusher gives you the tools to roll your own company. You can upload all of your company designs and make your own skate shop. The only downside to this is that boardpusher charges you a monthly maintenance fee ($5/month or $50/year), which in the grand scheme of things is not bad considering that it would cost a lot more to do a run of decks and then wait for them to sell. gives you a good way to get a one off deck or start your own company. Great idea.

Example shops hosted by Boardpusher:

  1. Elife
  2. Gallery Skateboards
  3. Impossible Skateboards
  4. Eninj

Note: I haven’t tried their wood so I’m not sure the quality of the product, but they state that their decks are 100% Canadian Maple. If you’ve tried one, let us know what you think.

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