Consoldated Drunk Lo’s and Upchuck

You might recall Consolidated Skateboard’s on going Don’t Do It campaign. Consolidated has been trying for years to inform “skatesumers” about how large sporting good companies are trying to cash in on something that they didn’t build. Specifically they’ve been targeting Nike and have built a big marketing campaign to try to get you to not buy Nike. We have expressed our opinions on the Don’t Do It campaign here and have published Birdo’s (Consolidated Owner) explanation here. This will be a debate that will go on for many years to come, especially as participation in skateboarding grows.

So, now it looks like Consolidated has gone a different direction with their campaign and have decided to go head-to-head with shoe giants like Nike and Converse. They now have there own line of shoes. I’m not sure of the quality but the novelty aspect is high and I for one would would rock either pair. Consolidated footwear is available at your local skate retailer or online at

Consolidate Drunk Lo’s

Consolidated UpChucks

photos via Division East

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  1. man, consoladated sucks. their campaign suck, get over it.

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