Stereo Sound Agency Hiring Sales Person

Stereo LogoStereo is looking for an Inside Sales Rep to manage existing accounts, establish new accounts and meet weekly, quarterly, and yearly sales goals. This would be a great opportunity for someone in the LA area that has Sales experience. You might even get to interview with Jason Lee. To find out more and apply check out Malakye.

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  1. ive been skating for 7 years and im 20 years now and i work at a tj maxx… its alright but my passion is in skateboarding and its the only thing i ever took seriously. i leave in florida and all i have is a high school diploma but if u guys could give me chance i promise i could make a good sales rep

  2. Nicholas Dell universita on April 27th, 2010 at 10:53 am

    I’m a skater And Ive been a salesman for tha past 3 years
    and have been very succesful. I work on the phone everyday
    make hundreds of calls a day. I sell rare coins but my one love is skateboarding.
    It’s hard to work at a job you hate but I did it an succeeded. So put me in
    a job where I have a passion and I know I’ll accecelarate at a leve that blows minds.

  3. Dear Stereo,

    Im currently working for a paper distributer as a office/ Warehouse manager and have been skating for the past 10 years. Im currently in the process of trying to get my Skate shop open but am trying to get into the skateboard industry as much as i can. I have very good people skills and am more than familar with warehouse work moving , shipping etc. and a very hard worker, i would absoultly love a chance to work in any aspect of skateboarding it is my all time passion and to be able to work for a company like stereo and with jason lee would be an absoulte dream come true. If you would like a copy of my resume or any questions please contact my email i look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you,
    Chris Brand

  4. forgot to add in my last comment that i have been in sales as well for 2 years wth my company before i moved up to manager, and am very knowledgeable in skateboard products of all sort and keeping up wih just plain skateing info.

  5. VINNIE MANSELL on August 8th, 2010 at 1:17 am

    im 33 years old and have been skating 27 years its my life .. im trying to get my little skate co . off the ground just to have a job in skateboarding .. i want to keep skateboarding in all areas of my life .. i have management ep. im an artist , very good with people and a out of work father of the coolest 3 year old boy in the world .. i need a job bad .. working for you guys would be a dream job for me .. help me make money and keep skateboarding in my life ..

  6. Stereo,
    I have been skating and hanging out at the local shop my whole life. One of my best friends just graduated a B.A. in Agricultural Business, which is the same degree I just graduated with. He also worked at the local shop for a few years during college. He went on to be a sales rep. for Volcom and Electric Visual in Austin, TX. I have all the same knowledge as him (a lot of skateboarding industry and general business,marketing, and economic knowledge. I do not have experience in the skate industry but a local shop owner could vouch for me I have been hanging out there and helping run the shop for the last 13 years. I am a hard worker, and I think I would work even harder in an atmosphere in which I am passionate about. I also believe my style of doing business and general frame of mind would fall in with Stereo quite well. Thanks for your time.

    Kind Regards
    Brossi Macaluso

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