DNA Distribution launching online store

DNA Distribution, the makers of Alien Workshop, Habitat and Reflex bearings will be launching there own online store soon. They have a site up currently but none of the products are accessible. As I’ve written before, I think manufactures have online stores is a good thing for the consumer.

Distribution has always been a problem in skateboarding. Skateboard companies make hundreds , if not thousands of different products ( styles and colors ) each year. There is no way that your local skateboard shop can afford to stock all of those products from each company. If they could afford to do so, they wouldn’t be able to afford a warehouse big enough to house it all. One of the great things that happen that could potentially solve this problem was the internet. Back in the late 90’s there were several companies that started selling online that gave you more choices than your local skate shop. If my memory serves me correctly, some of the first online stores were ccsmailorder.com, bigdeal.com, brothersboards.com, skateboardsales.com and Fusion.com. As you might have guessed, most of those companies are no longer in existence, actually, all but one; CCS. Now, in 2006, just about every skateshop has a online store, but they still don’t have all of the products available that the skate companies make.

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DNA Distribution Store

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