Supreme Launches Online Shop

Supreme just launched their online shop. This is good news for those of us that don’t live in or near a city with a Supreme shop (NYC and LA). So, you can now buy directly from Supreme and bypass the ridiculous Ebay prices. The online shop opened today at 11am NYC time and was moving super slow as a result of lots of folks trying to get there hands on some exclusive items. The online shop is well executed, as they only offer 10 items and have a very intuitive user interface (UI). They’re currently only shipping within the USA, so for those fans in Europe and Asia you’ll still have to do the ebay thing.

Fyi, as of 12:30 NYC time, they have sold out of 6 of the 10 products offered. It’ll be interesting to see how they replenish or add new inventory.

Supreme online store home page

Supreme online store mag-lite

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