EA SKATE on the Wii- get your butt off the couch

When SKATE came out a while back on the Xbox 360, it blew all of the Tony Hawk games out of the water. I’ve played it on a regular basis since. Except recently, some scum bag broke in to my house and stole my Xbox, amongst other stuff. I’ve been shopping around for another Xbox, but after reading the review for the SKATE game coming out on Wii, I might have to wait for that.  The controls for the Wii and the “balance” board are what  makes this new game a winner. Instead of using your thumb, you use a combination of your foot and weight placement as well minimal button pressing. I can see it now, all the old guys will be busting big air in front of the TV. At least it will get them up off the couch (myself included). Check out Kotaku for a good review of the game and controls.

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