Hensley’s Pub & Grill- Carlsbad California

Mat Hensley is a man of many talents. He’s a pro skateboarder that was influential in shaping street skating and inventing several of the tricks that are common today. He’s been part owner of skateboard clothing company Innes for years and has been the accordion/concertina player for Flogging Molly for 10 years. Now for almost a year, Matt is the owner of North County (San Diego) hot spot “Hensley’s Pub & Grill”. It’s a lounge/pub that has Matt Hensley’s influence all over it. Over on Transworld Skateboarding’s new website, they did a nice video walkthrough on Matt’s Pub. I haven’t been to this Pub yet, but, the next time I’m back that way I’ll for sure visit.

You can see Hensley’s Pub Myspace page here, Yelp reviews here and their website here.

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