Best video game intro ever?

This game intro out does the one from the original SKATE game. The all star cast on SKATE 2 looks awesome. Noticeably missing is the Gonz.


8 Responses to “Best video game intro ever?”

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  2. Pretty amusing. Where the fuck is the Gonz?

  3. 4:31 of over the top cheese!

  4. You would think that since they were in jail they would’ve had Ali Boulala in this game too.

  5. eh. not as funny.
    they did a good job though. some of the dialog was lame.
    cant wait to get the game

  6. I forgot about Boulala also. Thanks for the reminder Lamey

  7. if you guys knew anything about skateboarding you would know ali doesn’t skate anymore because he got injured permanently in the motorcycle accident in which he killed shane cross

  8. Actually, Jason, Boulala was sentenced to four years in prison for the Shane Cross accident. I’m not sure if he’s actually in prison because of his medical condition.

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