Zarosh featured on David Lynch TV

David Lynch Foundation Televison ( has a great 20 min feature on Zarosh Eggleston. If you’re not familiar with Zarosh, he’s an amazing creative skateboarder. He rides super big boards and always has crazy grip tape art. He’s so fun to watch skate, because he’s the guy that will be off in the corner somewhere doing stuff that most people don’t even think about. When I first met Zarosh, he was “living” in San Diego and would come by our shop looking for scraps of grip tape. I wasn’t sure about him at the time, until he finally came in to skate our ramps. We had 2 minis, one that had super tight transitions, with two corners and a 3 foot extension, and the other was a pretty standard 5 foot mini. Most people would come over and ignore the ramp that had the tight transitions, because it was really hard to skate. Not Zarosh, he would head straight to that ramp and always pull something that everyone would just be amazed by. He’s definitely a creative guy that you will hear more of in the future. Watch the video and be amazed.


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