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Get some new Lakai’s directly from the source

Lakai has recently launched their new web store. It looks to be set up for clearing out their older merchandise. You can pick up some new sneaks for dirt cheap. Check em out.

DNA Distribution purchased by Burton

DNA Distribution, makers of Alien Workshop, Habitat and Reflex announced that they have been purchased by Burton Snowboards. Congratulations to Chris Carter, Mike Hill and the rest of the DNA gang. You can read the full press release here.

Nike SB Nothing But the Truth

Nike SB has their first skate video premiering next month (starting in LA) entitled “Nothing But The Truth”. You can go here to check out trailers from the video or see if they will be premiering in your city.

Adidas Skateboard in Sao Paulo- Kombi Volkswagen

To promote Adidas’ new skateboarding line in Brazil, they’ve customized a VW Bus to make it a mobile showroom. The Kombi bus has Mark Gonzales art all over it and the inside has all the latest Adidas skateboarding gear. via joshspear

DNA Distribution launching online store

DNA Distribution, the makers of Alien Workshop, Habitat and Reflex bearings will be launching there own online store soon. They have a site up currently but none of the products are accessible. As I’ve written before, I think manufactures have online stores is a good thing for the consumer. Distribution has always been a problem [...]

Consoldated Drunk Lo’s and Upchuck

You might recall Consolidated Skateboard’s on going Don’t Do It campaign. Consolidated has been trying for years to inform “skatesumers” about how large sporting good companies are trying to cash in on something that they didn’t build. Specifically they’ve been targeting Nike and have built a big marketing campaign to try to get you to [...]

Clothing brand The Hundreds has a skate team

LA based clothing brand The Hundreds has a skate team that consists of some real talent. They’re not landing magazine covers or signing million-dollar shoe endorsements. We don’t put ‘em on because they win trophies, because they’re marketable, or because they’re a “good look.” They’re just part of the crew.

World Industries has a new owner

Transworld is reporting that i.e. distribution is the proud new owners of the now “toy” skateboard brand. World Industries was once a power brand owned by skate legends Steve Rocco and Rodney Mullen. If my memory serves me correctly, World has had 3 corporate owners not including Dwindle Dist. (Swander Pace Capital, Kubic Marketing and [...]

Rockers NYC has new polos just in time for summer

On of my new favorite clothing brands has two new polos, just in time for summer. The have the Daytripper and Exploding Sky polos. Both are pretty awesome and I might just have to get my hands on one. The Daytripper might be a little “loud” for me but the Exploding Sky polo (pictured below) [...]

Mekanism Skateboard collaboartion with Peter Zimmerman

French skateboard company Mekanism, did a collaboration with German artist Peter Zimmerman. Zimmerman painted 50 decks with epoxy resin. The finished decks look pretty awesome. You can check out some the other artist collaborations from Mekanism, here and here. via lostateminor