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Ray Underhill auction is over and raises lots

The Ray Underhill “ERAY” auction is over with and has raised over $47 k. That’s awesome! That money will really help Ray and his family during his illness. You can read more about Ray Underhill and the auction here and here.

Ebay auction for Ray Underhill is LIVE

One of the biggest skateboard memorabilia auctions ever, is underway now. All the proceeds will go to help Ray Underhill and his family. You can read more here. Visit the auction and bid today.

Ebay auction to raise money for Ray Underhill

In case you haven’t heard, Ray Underhill has been undergoing treatment for a rare brain tumor since last year. As a result of all the travel and medical expenses involved, his bills keep getting larger. So, they have organized a Eray (Ebay) auction to help support Ray and his family. The auction is suppose to [...]

78 Pairs of Nike, some used, now at $7,600

Wanted to give you update on that Ebay Auction for the Nike Dunk SB collection. Some fool has the high bid at $7,600 with 3 day s left on the bidding. What the hell is wrong with people. I guess they’ll be able to turn around and resale them for more than they paid. Hopefully. [...]

78 pairs of Nike SB Dunk on Ebay

So far the bid price is up to $5,100. That’s some serious cash for sneakers. I have a sneaky suspicion that this auction will get closer to $7,000. If you have that kind of cash then bid, because there are some rare shoes on the list. Click Here to check out the auction