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Goods in Seattle is having a Go Skateboarding Day Sale

For those of you in the Seattle area, you should head on over to Goods on Capitol Hill for their Go Skateboarding Day Sale. By the way, Goods has a new online shop for those of you that can’t make it to Seattle.

To skate or not to skate

Today (June 21) is Go Skateboarding day. Well, I suppose everyday should be Go Skateboarding Day and there really shouldn’t be an excuse. But the Skateboard “industry” decided they need some official day. You can also go with the new non commercial skate day “No Skateboarding Day“. So, you chose the reason you skate today. [...]

Ebay auction for Ray Underhill is LIVE

One of the biggest skateboard memorabilia auctions ever, is underway now. All the proceeds will go to help Ray Underhill and his family. You can read more here. Visit the auction and bid today.

Volcom Artshow and Comic book

This looks pretty awesome. Featuring some of the best skate artists around. Including the legendary Jim Phillips. Read more and find out the dates at Transworld Skate.

Skateboarders 1996-2006 by Gerhard Stochl

This should be pretty cool if you’re in Berlin. Unfortunately I’m not. I’m not really familiar with the photography of Gerhard Stochl, but, the two photos I’ve seen look pretty cool. For “Skateboarders 1996-2006″ he focuses on the interplay between street skaters and their urban environments—whether they be public art, monuments, architecture, or homegrown half-pipes [...]

Go Skateboarding Day in Austin, Tx

The day’s not over with yet but I thought I would share what went down so far, in Austin, for Go Skateboarding Day. The first thing was a game of S.K.A.T.E. contest at the the local skate shop, Tekgnar. They had free pizza and product for the kids and everyone looked like they had fun. [...]

Go Skateboarding Day Top Corner Banner

With Go Skateboarding Day coming up on the 21st of this month. I wanted to do something to spread the word. So, you might notice in the Top Left and Right corners, I’ve put a Go Skateboarding Day banner there. If you have a website then, I would encourage you to use the simple CSS [...]

Happenings for the month of June

Kona Anniversary Party Date: 06-03-2006 (Today) 1:00pm Location: Jacksonville, Fl More Info Fast Forward Family Reunion Date: 06-03-2006 (Today) 1:00pm Location: Dallas, TX More Info Circa Premier at Sun Diego Date: 06-03-2006 (Today) 8:00pm Location: Mission Beach, CA More Info Black Label Video Premier Date: 06-09-2006 8:00pm Location: San Diego, CA More Info Black Label [...]