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Bob Kronbauer’s Mumble Collection on Threadless select

Bob Kronbauer (of fame) has partnered with Threadless to curate a collection of tees from some amazing artists. Bob chose 4 artists from the skateboarding world to each design a tee based on Outer Space. Check out the tees from Andy Jenkins, Don Pendleton, Michael Leon and Geoff Mcfetridge. You can see the full [...]

Vans SK8 iPhone app

Looks like Vans has their name on a new iPhone app. In a partnership with Fuel Games, Vans has released a cool looking iPhone skate game, called Vans Pool Service. The game features Bucky Lasek and Omar Hassan. Vans and Fuel Games put their heads together to create the most addictive iPhone skateboarding app to [...]

iSkateboard iPhone app

Just about everyone has a iPhone now, it’s a pretty amazing little device. Now, with the new iSkateboard iPhone app, you can find and share skate spots. Currently they claim 30,000 street spots, skate parks and skate shops worldwide. I can see this growing pretty rapidly, especially since they’re currently working on apps for the [...]

Best video game intro ever?

This game intro out does the one from the original SKATE game. The all star cast on SKATE 2 looks awesome. Noticeably missing is the Gonz. [via]

Black Label “20 Years of Elephant” series 2

Black Label is releasing “20 Years of the Elephant” Series 2 Decks. These decks feature the quintessential Black Label elephant interpreted by artists Todd Bartrud, Jeremy Fish, Natas, Chris Johansen, Maxx 242, FOS and Sheppard Fairy. These decks are a must have for any collector and/or Black Label fan.

Skateboard manufacturing finding new “wood” sources

I’ve been around skateboarding long enough to see some goofy shit pop up in skateboard manufacturing. Like aluminum decks or a Port-a-board or plethora of other shit that anyone who skates, wouldn’t give a second glance. Well, now there is a real reason to be searching for a viable replacement for wood. According to The [...]

Manik Skateboards Day of The Dead Series

Seattle based Manik Skateboards keeps putting out some awesome products. Their new deck series entitled “Day of The Dead” is out now. Keep a look out for more Manik products dropping soon.

Santa Cruz Skateboards launches CRUZERS

Santa Cruz skateboards celebrated their 35th year in business this past September. Now they’re releasing their “nostalgic” CRUZER line which consists of the 13 completes that will satisfy all of your cruising, downhill and slalom needs. They also have what they’re calling their Micro line which is reissues of some of their classic boards from [...]

Andy Howell Launches ARTSPROJEKT

Artist, former Pro Skateboarder and entrepreneur Andy Howell has launched his latest venture called ARTSPROJEKT. ARTSPROJEKT Zazzle to develop an on-demand skateboard printing system that allows anyone to put their art on a skateboard. Also, artsprojekt has a lineup of art from amazing artists and brands for you to choose from. At launch, ARTSPROJEKT artists [...]

Enjoi Skateboards and Parra Rockwell Collaboration

Parra Rockwell recently teamed up with Enjoi Skateboards to create a fresh edition of five new decks due out this Fall. We’ve always been a big fan of Enjoi, and am glad to see them busting out some collaborations. [via]