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Eastern Skate Supply Partners with Tony Hawk’s Birdhouse

Eastern Skate Supply’s Reggie Barnes talks about their new partnership with Birdhouse.

Skateboarding in Afghanistan

Anytime you think you’re town has no spots, or the cops want let you skate, or it’s too cold, or hot or whatever. Quit your bitching. Always know that someone has a worst situation than you. Just saw this on CNN today, about a new program in Afghanistan called Skateistan. It’s founded by Australian Oliver [...]

Nike using the internet to distribute new video, Debacle

Watch online or download the latest video from Nike SB . The video features HD fotage from Daryl Angel, Justin Brock,  Theotis Beasley and other ams. Check it out.

Greg Lutzka on K-Swiss

K-swiss is partnering with Greg Lutzka to create their skate shoe division.

It’s official, Koston is on Nike

It’s been speculated that the great Koston was going to be wearing Nikes for the next few years. Well, it’s now official. See the video at The Berrics

Patrick Melcher 3rd place at World Beard and Moustache Championships

Melcher and his mustache win 3rd place at the World Beard and Moustache Championships in Alaska. The reigning champ, musician Alexander Antebi, preened and vamped his way to third place in what he dubbed his “Ziggy Czar Dust’ getup, professional skateboarder (and Bristly Chap) Patrick Melcher took second place, and Benjamin Juergens came out of [...]

Zumiez offers $7.2 Million For Active

A while back Active Ride Shops ( to file chapter 11 bankruptcy. Now it appears that board sports retail giant Zumiez has offered up $7.2 million to purchase Active. The terms of the motion state that Zumiez would purchase all of Active’s inventory for less than market costs, as well as pay $100,000 per store [...]

Per Welinder talks Blitz Changes

Blitz President Per Welinder talks to Tiffany Montgomery over on about the future of Blitz. With the loss of some key brands (Birdhouse and Flip) over the last year.  Some are wondering what’s happening with Blitz. Per mentions that within the next 45 days that two established brands will be joining the company. Wonder [...] launches new SPOT application

The Action Sports Industry blog has launched a cool new web app. They’ve launched Earth, which is a Skate, Snow and Surf spot directory that allows you to share and search for local spots. They’re just getting started , so it’s not full of spots just yet. So, head on over there and share [...]

Koston riding for Nike?

After Eric Koston’s departure from Lakai recently.  Lot’s of rumors have been flying around about where he’ll end up. Vans? Nike? His own brand? Well, Felix Arguelles recently snapped a pic of Koston wearing some Nikes. Does this mean he’s inked a deal with Nike? I guess we want know until someone makes it official. [...]