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DNA Distribution launching online store

DNA Distribution, the makers of Alien Workshop, Habitat and Reflex bearings will be launching there own online store soon. They have a site up currently but none of the products are accessible. As I’ve written before, I think manufactures have online stores is a good thing for the consumer. Distribution has always been a problem [...]

Limited Edition Stereo and Rostarr Deck

For those of you into limited edition decks. This Stereo and Rostarr collaboration deck is limited to 300 pieces. Get yours at before they run out.

Consoldated Drunk Lo’s and Upchuck

You might recall Consolidated Skateboard’s on going Don’t Do It campaign. Consolidated has been trying for years to inform “skatesumers” about how large sporting good companies are trying to cash in on something that they didn’t build. Specifically they’ve been targeting Nike and have built a big marketing campaign to try to get you to [...]

Active is having a 10% off sale

Active Mail Order is haveing a 10% off Sale through the the end of July. Lot’s of good deals.

The Skateboard Art of Jim Phillips

The man behind so many of the most well known skateboard graphics ever, has new book out. This retrospective on Jim’s skateboard art bobards the reader wtih colorful skateboard decks, logos, ad art, ad layouts, photos and stickers to illustrate the history of skateboarding from the urethane revolution up to the present. You are invited [...]

Chris Nieratko at Lowbrow Emporium Austin Texas

Chris Nieratko of Big Brother fame was here in Austin last night promoting his new book Skinema. Chris setup at Heather Roach’s (also of Big Brother fame) shop called LowBrow Emporium. Lowbrow is a cross between a Art, book, toy and skate shop. It’s a interesting store and if you’re in Austin it’s a must [...]

Roll your own skateboard company

I think it’s pretty cool when you take a concept from the “main stream” and apply it to a niche market such as skateboarding. However, not as niche as it once was, with XGames and the like putting skateboarding in front of people that normally wouldn’t be exposed to it. Skateboarding is a billion dollar [...]

Zoo York Artist Series Decks

Zoo York has released some cool new artist Series Decks from artists including Eric Elms (aka, Adorn), Nate Nedorostek, Bryan Collins, Pablo Medina (aka, Cubanica), Jim Zbinden (aka, Pulp68), AKA x Skuf, and Zoo York’s very own in-house designers Pete Panciera (aka, Connect) and Damien Correll.

Rockers NYC + CTRL Collab Decks

Collaborations are big these days. Rockers NYC and CTRL a Finish clothing/skate brand hooked up to do a limited run of decks. Punk Rock inspired with a little 80′s flare. The decks kinda have a Hosoi hammerhead shape to them. Keep and eye on Rockers NYC as they have been making waves lately. You can [...]

Goods in Seattle is having a Go Skateboarding Day Sale

For those of you in the Seattle area, you should head on over to Goods on Capitol Hill for their Go Skateboarding Day Sale. By the way, Goods has a new online shop for those of you that can’t make it to Seattle.