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Zarosh featured on David Lynch TV

David Lynch Foundation Televison ( has a great 20 min feature on Zarosh Eggleston. If you’re not familiar with Zarosh, he’s an amazing creative skateboarder. He rides super big boards and always has crazy grip tape art. He’s so fun to watch skate, because he’s the guy that will be off in the corner somewhere [...]

Garteh Stehr- The Mag Minute

Gareth gets his shred on, over on the Skateboard Mag. Gareth, it’s time to have an intervention—a shred intervention. Check it out.

Battle at the Berrics- And the winner is

It has been a epic battle. Check the Benny Farifax and Mike Mo final here.

Adidas Skateboarding Osaka Japan

The Adidas Skate team hit up Osaka Japan and captured it in HD. This video is awesome. Make sure you check out the HD version on youtube.

Dave Swift interviewed by Pat Duffy

I just watched a great interview over on Plan-B TV with the Skateboard Mag’s Dave Swift. He’s a collector of all things skate, and he has a kick ass hand painted Neil Blender board. Check out the interview here. [via the skateboardmag]

Lakai Final Flare Animation Video

Not sure how we missed this one. Any who, Crailtap had a Lakai Final Flare edit contest last month. The winning entry is a animation short by Cosme. This is a pretty awesome video. [via]

Jason Jessee warehouse tour on SLAP

The new SLAP magazine is becoming favorite skate web destination. This time around, they visit with Jason Jessee at his warehouse near Santa Cruz California. Jason Jesse is a true original. Enjoy.

Fourduos Skateboarding January Montage is a Dallas Texas based blog that covers the skate scene all over the Lone Star state. Check out out the their January Montage video.

Best video game intro ever?

This game intro out does the one from the original SKATE game. The all star cast on SKATE 2 looks awesome. Noticeably missing is the Gonz. [via]

Skate 2 coming in January

GiantBomb covered the Electronic Arts event earlier this month that showed off some of the features of Skate 2. In the process, they spoke with Darren Navarette and Pat Duffy about their thoughts on the game. If you liked SKATE then you will really like SKATE 2. Check the video below.